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  Core values:  Pragmatic progressive Customer success     
      "Pragmatic" is realistic and down to Earth. Insist on seeking truth from facts and scientific rationality is an excellent quality. Tebosoft companies advocate a pragmatic style of work and the courage to break through the stereotypes and the pursuit of truth, advocate with a pragmatic spirit and attitude of employees engaged in the development of the company, telling the truth, do solid work, seek tangible results.

     "Progressive" dare to struggle, forge ahead, scaled new heights. Initiative is to promote the company's development important strength is the power of innovation. Each Tebosoft people all want to uphold the spirit of forging ahead, not far behind, the courage to go beyond, innovative, bold challenges, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of the company.

     "Customer" is the essence of the company and the customer double win. "Customer success" has three meanings, first, from the customer's point of view, attention to customer experience; the second, play to the company's advantage, helping customers to achieve their goals; third, to grow together with customers. Customer demand is the driving force for expanding the product and market of the company, to deliver the most appropriate service is the constant pursuit of Tebo people.

  Tebosoft's mission:  Sustainable innovation creating social value  
      "Innovation" is permanently developing new thinking, new ideas. Continued innovation contains three most, first, and continued technology innovation, continued constantly of technology innovation, is company products constantly development of power source, is company eventually achieved great target of based; second, and continued market innovation, through constantly to introduced new of market elements or change original some marketing method to continued to develop market, and occupation new of market, to better to meet market needs; third, and continued management innovation, company in dynamic development of situation Xia, Through continuously innovative integration of internal and external resources to achieve intended objectives.

      "Social value" refers to the enterprise through their own practice and self satisfied society or other material and spiritual needs that he loves and responsibilities, is the enterprise of human, organizational and other existing and active role in the development of combined. In traditional Chinese thinking, social value expressed as opinion on social concerns and serve the country, to assume historical responsibility, maintaining social and moral order, concerned about the country.

      "Social value" useful meaning of the enterprise the forces to push the society forward, also bear the social responsibility of the meaning, and the meaning of existence also in the creation of social value, is being recognized.