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Design For Manufacturability Software
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  Tebo GT V6.0 (Gerber Tool ) Is design for manufacturability DFM (Design for Manufacturability) , Check the Gerber network correctness of one of the most effective tools . This allows you to make before the Gerber network problems ,Rather than after. Can be put into production PCB Gerber data line by Tebo GT systems , extracting network data and CAD design output of the IPC 356/356A network inspection data , network inspection report , ensure that the Gerber line is correct , put an end to the PCB bulk scrap huge risks.
       Software Systems using open & Human design. WINDOWS COM technology structure, high reliability, easy to upgrade and maintain . Compatible with Win 2000/NT/XP/7/8/10 system, easy operation and training easier. 

You can enter various format Gerber(Rs274D& Rs274X) and standard IPC 356/356A data.
Easy and fast processing of large-capacity, high density, high level (layer limit)Gerber file.


 May refer to the solder mask (MASK) layer automatically PAD and short circuit the circuit-level inspection. Automatically check solder mask (MASK) window size is appropriate and the PCB screen printing text and PAD overlap or too close. Automatic cross check positive and negative output and line spacing, and accuracy to ensure CAD circuit design output of the Gerber line meet PCB factory process.


 Can be put into production PCB Gerber extracting network data and CAD design output of the IPC 356/356A data network checks, network reports, ensure that PCB Gerber line is correct. Support IDF file import / export feature, and validation rules can be customized according to the customer's production process.