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For Fixture Pallet &PCB Solder Pallet CNC Mill

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■  ICT fixture pallet and wave flow solder & solder PCB pallet CNC Mill applications. Tebo  unique components of the software package library editing / storage / reference function , according to frame ( increase value ) and component height automatic milling floors. Control labor lost (error) risks, improve manufacturing precision, measured standardization save calibration time, efficiency!


■  Accurate extraction of CAD data component size and height information , supporting component height BOM/IDF entered and stored in class library , can output component height report verification. Can also enter DXF/Gerber convert PolyLine to mill layer.


■  The software can automatically check the SMD component milling  are missing or too small. Milling outside the frame spacing is too small you want to merge. Probes and milling shape bounding box space is enough.


■  You can plug-in (DIP) component feet, automatic milling ( automatic check / optimize with SMD components and milling shape from the outside ), ensuring retention trays maximum strength and component protection. Can also produce finishing tool path editing tool size and milling depth or change, increase mill-or move the milling-node.