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SMT Programming Optimization Software
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    Tebo-SMT Expert is  NPI professional SMT program smart Flash software. Quickly and accurately convert CAD/Gerber data and with the material BOM data automatic inspection support component and irregular at any angle PAD pads, available through the library automatically correct angle and offset mounting components, automatic SMT equipment placement programs /Feeding / assembly drawings and other documents. In support of the first article inspection equipment, as well as AOI/X-Ray optical check device output.

 Intelligent correction component placement angle Center coordinates and irregular components.

Tebo-SMT Epxert Supporting components of complex shape box and components the foot PAD size / shape / foot etc information accurate corrector angle / coordinate, direct output mounting device the correct mount point / coordinate. Solve the problem of manual corrections and omissions, reduce debugging time.


 BOM and CAD intelligent analysis checking
Software supports any angle component (Gerber) import, automatically checking BOM internal error (number of repeating elements, duplication, omissions, inconsistencies, components), verify the BOM needs to mount CAD no components and CAD but does not mount components (automatic matching of CAD BOM), you can output a customized report, reduce manual validation errors.


 Powerful jigsaw puzzle with BOM integration function.

Supports multi-level panelization, array panelization, multi-angle panelization, Top&Bottom panelization, multiple products panelization & etc. Can integrate different products of BOM, puzzle elements after angle information is automatically updated.