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Launched Tebo-ICT latest version 6.0.

Date:2019-11-29   Browse:2988

     On November 25, 2019, Tebo Software Corporation launched the latest version of Tebo-ICT 6.0/Tebo-SMT 6.0/Tebo-TA 6.0.

     Tebo software uses continuous innovation to create social value; Tebo software uses pragmatic and enterprising to achieve a win-win situation with customers!

     Tebosoft  company is a service used in electronics manufacturing software development of high tech companies, Was established in 2005 Year. Companies accumulated a deep strength in electronic product testing , and formed mainly to this direction of development, The company specialized on development of ICT&SMT series software in the industry-leading. Company is committed to manufacturing and testing of electronic products, Exert the advantages of local customized software development, Automation and testing software for the customer data support and solutions.