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Sailuk buy Tebo - ICT software

Date:2020-04-13   Browse:1135

        January 8, 2020.  Shanghai Sailuk Electronics Co., Ltd.  Import Tebo-ICT software to achieve product DFT testability design analysis and FPT and ICT test data conversion.

         Shanghai Sailuk Electronics Co., Ltd. is the first wholly foreign-owned Japanese EMS company in China. Sailuk Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the processing of circuit board components of various electronic and electrical products and related technical support services. Products are involved in many fields such as household appliances, industrial appliances, automotive electronics and so on. And has the strength to design and produce various performance testing instruments and a strong analytical level of circuit board repair.

       Tebo ICT (ICT/ATE fixture software) is unique within the industry with both CAD and Gerber input of professional ICT and ATE fixture software.  Able to handle a variety of Gerber , buried blind hole, positive and negative data and with a variety of CAD interface that handles data saves time and effort, is the production of high precision and complex ICT and ATE test fixture choice.  With Tebo TA (DFT) testability design software all functions.

      Tebo TA ( DFT Design for testability of software)  Is unique within the electronics industry also has CAD Gerber Input connector professional / Fast Design for Testability analysis software. Can quickly and accurately with Gerber restored to CAD data, maximize its use of design CAD data with the material BOM data Through intelligent integration testing process and fixture manufacturers production requirements ; Design for Testability DFT(Design For Testability) , Designed to provide accurate test points Layout And effective cost control software. Before you can create a detailed understanding of the network, parts test coverage information and probe the size and distribution of information, rather than after.   So that the product can not only keep for a few days DFT Analysis, down to a few minutes of work, but also fast generate a detailed data report. Can not only shorten new product introduction and reduce the cost of test fixture, and you avoid the new product design information ( DFT External cooperation) to meet data security The need for confidentiality .