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MiTAC-MCT buy Tebo - ICT/SMT software

Date:2020-04-13   Browse:1791

        February 11, 2020.  MiTAC Computing Technology Corp. (MCT)  Import Tebo-ICT/SMT software to achieve product DFT testability design analysis and SMT program is smart and fast to produce.

         MCT is a professional IT solution provider. Providing total solutions from edge to cloud with advanced R&D, TCO and worldwide operations. Focused at cloud computing solutions and services, MiTAC Computing Technology Corp. (MCT) came with design and manufacturing experiences in enterprise servers, storage systems, embedded products and industrial computers for 30 years strong, as well as hyper scale data center implementation proven records. Combining 30 years of history of TYAN server customization capacity, comprehensive relationships with channel and system integration service providers it is now providing customers with deliverables featuring flexibility and customization while aligned with different system and application types. MCT's cloud computing solutions cover the entire spectrum, from rack and tower system, high-performance and GPU-accelerated computing, cloud computing servers, storage systems, blade servers, workstations, through to complete systems and cabinets aimed at offering customers and markets the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) public, private and hybrid cloud equipment of the next generation; MCT Industrial PC solutions contain panel PC, embedded system , mobile POS, and industrial motherboards to offer brand owners and system integrators with specialty solutions featuring better integration and competitiveness. (

       Tebo-SMT Expert is  NPI professional SMT program smart Flash software. Quickly and accurately convert CAD/Gerber data and with the material BOM data automatic inspection support component and irregular at any angle PAD pads, available through the library automatically correct angle and offset mounting components, automatic SMT equipment placement programs /Feeding / assembly drawings and other documents. In support of the first article inspection equipment, as well as AOI/X-Ray optical check device output.

      Tebo TA ( DFT Design for testability of software)  Is unique within the electronics industry also has CAD Gerber Input connector professional / Fast Design for Testability analysis software. Can quickly and accurately with Gerber restored to CAD data, maximize its use of design CAD data with the material BOM data Through intelligent integration testing process and fixture manufacturers production requirements ; Design for Testability DFT(Design For Testability) , Designed to provide accurate test points Layout And effective cost control software. Before you can create a detailed understanding of the network, parts test coverage information and probe the size and distribution of information, rather than after.   So that the product can not only keep for a few days DFT Analysis, down to a few minutes of work, but also fast generate a detailed data report. Can not only shorten new product introduction and reduce the cost of test fixture, and you avoid the new product design information ( DFT External cooperation) to meet data security The need for confidentiality .